We have a few spaces remaining for 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds for September 2024, so please apply quickly to secure a place.

Our Vision

At Hartcliffe Nursery School and Children’s Centre we believe all children and families have the right to…

  • Feel valued as an individual and not to be judged
  • Be respected, respect themselves and others
  • Be happy, healthy, enthusiastic and confident
  • Be safe, secure and have a sense of belonging
  • Have high aspirations for themselves and expect the very best from us
  • Be listened to and have their voice heard
  • Be life-long learners
  • Feel supported and held
  • Confidentiality
A happy child, smiling.

We will demonstrate our commitment to do this by…

  • Being the heart of the community
  • Believing that everyone can achieve
  • Celebrating individuality and diversity
  • Challenging discrimination and stereotypes including challenging our own
  • Maintaining professional integrity and high standards always
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles
  • Continually reflecting upon what we do so that we can continually improve
A happy child, smiling.

To enable this offer, we will…



The Unique Child
  • Be committed and responsive to the needs of every child and their family
Positive Relationships
  • Be approachable
  • Invest time in building trust and forming positive relationships with children, families and staff
  • Ensure clear communication between everyone
Enabling Environment
  • Provide a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment that enables everyone to thrive and says, ‘You matter’ …
  • that empowers everyone to take risks and challenge themselves to reach their full potential
  • To broaden our horizons by working with the wider community, building links and relationships
Learning and Development
  • Provide high-quality learning opportunities for all
  • Provide experiences that reflect and celebrate our diverse community
  • Providing a supportive and challenging learning environment for all
  • Planning learning opportunities that widen children’s experiences, meeting their individual needs and interests
  • Enabling all staff access high quality ongoing professional development
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