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We are pleased to have received a Monitoring Report from Ofsted, which is very encouraging. You can read the original School Inspection here.

The full Monitoring Report can be read and downloaded below. We are delighted at the acknowledgement of the progress that we’ve made in recent months, particularly regarding safeguarding.

Leaders have acted swiftly to improve the culture around safeguarding. As a result, children are safe and well looked after. Changes have been made to ensure that children spend more time with their key person. This is supporting children to form secure bonds with trusted adults. Staff have received additional training so that they have the knowledge they need to identify and record any concerns they might have about a child’s safety or well-being. Leaders and staff have carried out risk assessments and introduced regular checks to ensure that adults supervise children appropriately.

As a result of the actions taken since the last inspection, safeguarding is now effective. The school’s arrangements for safeguarding children meet statutory requirements. Leaders and governors must now ensure that they have rigorous systems in place to monitor the quality of all aspects of safeguarding, to secure these vital improvements.

The Monitoring Report also acknowledged the improvements made by Hartcliffe Nursery School concerning managing behaviour.

Leaders have acted quickly to establish clear expectations for children’s behaviour. Improvements have been made to classroom routines and the key-person role. Together, these have significantly improved the behaviour of children. Changes to the routines at the beginning of the day provide children with a calmer start. This is leading to better behaviour throughout the day. These improvements have been supported by the introduction of clearer expectations for children and staff. Children are increasingly aware of the ‘golden rules’, and staff value the information in the behaviour policy. The
consistent routines and clear structure to the day that are now in place have resulted in an environment in which children can learn. Leaders have rightly identified that they now need to improve the interactions staff have with children.

You can read and download the full monitoring report below.


As always, we would like to thank our parents, carers and our community for your support. Our team of experienced and dedicated staff are passionate about what they do. They work hard to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where children feel happy, confident, and valued. We are committed to making further improvements to address the concerns that have been raised.

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