Welcome to Hedgehogs Room which replaces our Fireflies Room.

We felt that renaming this room to Hedgehogs was perfect as hedgehogs have some fantastic attributes and personality traits that we celebrate and will appeal to our children! Hedgehogs Room is one of our two classes for 2-year-olds.

Hedgehogs are curious and adventurous. They like to explore new places and are not afraid of trying new foods or meeting new friends.

Hedgehogs are friendly and sociable. They enjoy being around other hedgehogs and sometimes other animals. They can communicate with each other using sounds and body language. They like to socialise with their mates and family members.

Hedgehogs are funny and playful. They have a lot of energy and love to run, jump, and chase things. They also have a sense of humour and can make funny noises or faces. They can even laugh when they are tickled!

So, welcome to Hedgehogs! Head on over to our Hedgehogs Room page to meet the team and learn more.

Image by Anthony Jarrin from Pixabay

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