We have a few spaces remaining for 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds for September 2024, so please apply quickly to secure a place.

We are pleased to have received a Monitoring Report from Ofsted, from their inspection in July 2023 which is very encouraging. You can read the original School Inspection here.

The full Monitoring Report can be read and downloaded below. We are delighted at the acknowledgement of the progress we’ve made in recent months, particularly around the development of the curriculum and our focus on core stories through our Storytelling Policy and Approach.

Leaders have continued to work at pace to tackle the weaknesses addressed in the graded inspection. The incoming headteacher has worked closely with the current headteacher to ensure a smooth transition. Together, senior leaders have continued to review and adapt their action plans as necessary. The leadership structure of the school, which was unclear during the last monitoring visit, is now established. Leaders have decluttered the environment and redecorated so that it is more welcoming for all. They have launched a new website to help keep families better informed about what their child will learn and what events are taking place.

Leaders have continued to develop the curriculum. They have ensured it aligns closely with the early years foundation stage statutory framework. Leaders have stripped back curriculum plans which previously were too complicated. This has had some emerging successes, particularly for the 3- and 4-year-old provision. Leaders have identified what books children will read and when, so that they link to other areas of the curriculum. For example, the emphasis on ‘core stories’ means children learn familiar books well, such as ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. Teachers diligently check their understanding of the text.

The Monitoring Report also acknowledged the improvements made by Hartcliffe Nursery School concerning managing behaviour.

Leaders have sustained the improvements in children’s behaviour. For example, ‘Welcome Time’ is a nurturing and purposeful start to the day. This ensures that children are ready to learn. Staff have developed well-established routines which children follow. Leaders have changed systems for lunchtime so that children learn the importance of healthy eating. Staff promote nutritious hot meals. There is a calm and pleasant atmosphere at lunchtimes. Staff model how to use knives and forks.

You can read and download the full monitoring report below.


As always, we would like to thank our parents, carers and our community for your support. Our team of experienced and dedicated staff are passionate about what they do. They work hard to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where children feel happy, confident, and valued. We are committed to making further improvements to address the concerns that have been raised.

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