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At the end of Term 2, the children in Butterfly Class had a wonderful time learning about pizza and pumpkins.


Some children have been fascinated by making pizza in the home corner or with play dough. To extend this learning, we made an ingredient list for the toppings that we would like on a pizza. After this, we made pizzas using tissue paper and leaves in the forest.

Then on our last day of the term, we made our own pizzas and had a great time trying out new flavours. The children placed different toppings on a piece of tortilla wrap and we put it in the oven to bake. During our group times we discussed the different foods that we were tasting but also thought about how to cook pizzas – exploring the idea of melting and baking when food is put into a hot oven. MMMMM! The pizzas were delicious!


To think about Autumn, the children had so much fun exploring pumpkins at welcome time and during free play. There were lots of children sharing their ideas, and there were lovely comments made. Some children were just happy to explore and share their thoughts through facial expressions.

When thinking about what was inside the pumpkin, some children shared the following ideas:

“Maybe seeds. So yucky”.

“Get all the stuff out. Think we need more. Chickens like that. Daddy drawed on it and cut it out. We can’t eat too much in our bellies may be sick”. We can plant these in the garden”.

“We can use our hand. It looks like sticky slime. It’s Halloween today”.

“Me got two” (referring to the pumpkins she had at home).

“…got a little bit of mould in his”.

“We put it down” placing small pumpkins inside the big pumpkin. “Seeds in there more seeds in there”.

“A scary mouth”.

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