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There’s a ‘shark in the park’ in Hedgehog class!

In term three our core story has been ‘shark in the park’. We have been reading the story together, using props, pictures, and water play to develop play related to this story. We love joining in and repeating the familiar words and phrases and filling in missing words ‘fancy that, it’s only a ……… (cat)’ and looking through binoculars and a real telescope!

We are lucky to have a lovely big window that looks into the sensory garden, and we had noticed lots of birds but empty bird feeders! We had a big think and decided we should get some bird food. We took it in turns to fill up the feeders, then waited with anticipation to see if the birds came to eat… and they did! We were very interested in using our binoculars to look at the birds and show excitement and high energy when we noticed the birds at the bird feeders.

Some of us like to hide under tables and trays, so we had the idea to make a little den; we added cushions, blankets, and books. it was a lovely place to feel safe and cosy when we needed some quiet time.

Shop work! Following the children’s interests in ordering pizzas and McDonalds in the home corner, we created our own Hartcliffe Shop.

It was a great opportunity for cooperative play, and we saw lots of lovely interactions between the children while playing in the shop. We noticed the children taking on a role in their play and using language to share their experiences.

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