We have a few spaces remaining for 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds for September 2024, so please apply quickly to secure a place.

In term four in Woodpeckers class we’ve been welcoming new friends, showing them all our current interests.

We took a lovely trip to the icy forest, noticing the frost on the grass and collecting objects. Some of us were having conversations about length of sticks. Who could find the longest? Thickest? Shortest?

So much mathematical language. We also noticed the trees had no leaves on and wondered where they had gone until we noticed the floor.

We spoke about the changes in weather and when the leaves would grow back. Others enjoyed challenging themselves physically using the pole and the netted swings, balancing themselves steadily.

Don’t forget your wellies and we’ll be able to explore the forest this week in the rain, I wonder what changes we’ll notice!

We had lots of fun making our own play dough, exploring the textures while mixing different ingredients “it’s runny” “too sticky”. Working out what we needed to add more off until it created the play dough were used to exploring. We’ll continue supporting making our own play dough eventually learning the recipe and being able to create independently.

In the home corner we had a lovely time in a restaurant ordering foods from different cookbooks and taking on different roles throughout the play.

In our story we’ve began joining in the repeated parts of the book “trip trap” “who’s over my bridge”. We have started using props and exploring independently to tell the story. This week we’ll be taking on roles in our story to play out, building on our own story telling skills.

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